Surgical retina disease

Various general and systemic diseases can cause retinal pathology requiring surgical intervention. However, most frequently detachment develops in case of myopia, yet it can also occur as a result of trauma or hypertensive crisis.
Retinal detachment treatment
Retinal detachment is a state requiring immediate surgical treatment, sometimes involving several stage-by-stage surgical interventions. The success of treatment directly depends on the timeliness of turning to the doctor and the early start of the treatment.
How to recognize the symptoms of retinal detachment?
The first symptom of detachment is that objects become blurred. In some cases one can see that the vision slightly improves after the sleep. This is because when the body is in a horizontal position, the detached fragment of the retina comes close to the choroid.
How diagnosis is performed at the “Visiobud +” clinic?
Diagnosis of ophthalmic diseases, including retinal pathology, is performed at the “Visiobud” clinic using high-tech equipment originating from Germany and Japan.
To make an accurate diagnosis in case of a symptomatic suspicion on the retinal detachment, we do the following:

  • Check the acuity of the central and lateral vision (perimeter)
  • Tonometry – measurement of the intraocular pressure.
  • Ophthalmoscopy and special electrophysiological examination aimed at determining the viability of the retinal and optic nerve cells. Examination of the eye-ground allows to determine the places of ruptures, their number, to detect dystrophy (thin areas where new discontinuities can form).
  • Ultrasound examination which establishes the size of the detached retina and the state of the vitreous humor.

At the “Visiobud” ophthalmological clinic examination is very quick and easy. Here, clients do not spend much time and money for the examination.
How treatment is performed at the “Visiobud” clinic?
In the case of retina detachment only surgical treatment is performed as the medicamental treatment is inefficient. The type of surgical intervention depends on the complexity of the disease.

The methods used in the retinal detachment surgery are divided into the extrascleral (on the surface of the sclera) and the endovitreal (inside the eyeball) ones depending on the access point of the surgical intervention.
The “Visiobud +” Medical Center has a separate surgical unit for surgical treatment of retinal diseases. The clinic is equipped with the latest, most up-to-date surgical equipment which allows to get the maximum possible number of positive results.
The cost of operation includes the cost of the intraocular lens of the chosen category and all consumables, diagnostic services before and after treatment (during 1 month), postoperative control and medicinal support.
Patients of our clinic do not feel pain or discomfort, and our staff provides for the maximum comfort conductive for rapid recovery.
Treatment at the “Visiobud +” ophthalmological clinic provides for best results in the restoration of your health.
Gain back sharp eyesight with the “Visiobud”!