Surgical glaucoma treatment

Glaucoma is an insidious disease consisting in atrophy or irreversible loss of optic nerve fibers which results in blindness. Unfortunately, glaucoma-specific complaints cause the patient to turn to specialists when a significant part (sometimes up to 90%) of the optic nerve fibers are already dead.

Symptoms. How to identify the glaucoma

Glaucoma is usually an asymptomatic disease. The most important manifestation of glaucoma is the loss of the observation capacity or the field of view. Often glaucoma is accompanied by a feeling of heaviness in the eye, clouding of the vision, specks of light when looking at a light source, sometimes headache.

Causes of glaucoma and its consequences

There are two types of glaucoma: primary and secondary ones.

The primary glaucoma does not have a clear causal factor – it can be congenital or occur at any age, usually after 45 years.
The secondary glaucoma is may be caused by any eye diseases (cataract, uveitis, tumors, etc.) or systemic organism diseases (diabetes, hypertension, rheumatoid disease, etc.).

Diagnosis is difficult due to absence of marked symptoms. At the early stages, it progresses almost painlessly.

Methods of treatment: surgical and conservative ones

How is glaucoma treated today?
There are two main methods of treatment: the conservative and surgical methods.

The conservative method is purely medicamental treatment. Most part of the medications are eye drops the main function of which is to reduce the secretion of intraocular fluid or to increase its outflow from the eye.

The conservative method is purely medicamental treatment. Most part of the medications are eye drops the main function of which is to reduce the secretion of intraocular fluid or to increase its outflow from the eye.
In modern medicine, surgical intervention is considered to be an excellent alternative to drug treatment.

The surgical method of correction of the intraocular pressure is the ophthalmological surgery that allows to increase the outflow of the intraocular fluid.
The undoubted advantage of this method is its effectiveness and safety.

Where in Kyiv can the glaucoma be treated?

The «Visiobud+» ophthalmological clinic in the city of Kyiv specializes in complex diagnostics making it possible to detect the glaucoma at the earliest stages and providing for controlling the effectiveness of its treatment. All types of laser and surgical glaucoma treatment are performed at our clinic. Glaucoma surgery is performed according to the authorial method having no analogues in the world.

This newest surgical glaucoma treatment technique – modified combined tunneling trabeculotomy with FACO-emulsification of cataract – was proposed by the Head Physician of the “Vizibud+” clinic, Volodymyr Alekseyevich Melnik, Candidate of Medical Sciences. A patent for invention was granted.

This operation allows to minimize the risk of complications during the postoperative period and to provide for eye pressure compensation in more than 90% of cases!

A number of other bloodless surgical operations performed with a laser are free of any major risks and do not cause any injuries to the diseased eye.
Phone to our clinic, sign up for diagnostics and come – we will solve your problems!

The cost of operation includes the stay in the clinic in a comfortable postoperative surveillance ward with all facilities, the cost of the intraocular lens of the chosen category and all consumables, diagnostic services before and after treatment (during 1 month), postoperative control, medicamental support.

We guarantee the quality of treatment at the highest level, and our professional and friendly staff will help you to feel like home!

Combined operation

Of the existing methods of surgery of cataract combined with glaucoma, most often one-stage cataract extraction jointly with an antiglaucomatous operation is preferred if there is no convincing medical argumentation in favor of some other method. The efficiency of this technique with respect to visual functions largely depends on the stage of the glaucomatous process.

Combined Operation


Recently, my father was operated at the clinic (he had cataract, third stage glaucoma and lens subluxation. The second eye was blind). Many surgeons refused us, because it is a very difficult situation, there is a great risk, moreover, there is just one eye! Before the operation, the doctor explained that the operation must be done urgently, as without it father will go blind, and also he told us about possible complications during the operation. The procedure was successful. I want to thank the whole team for their professionalism.

Ruslan, 38 years old

At the “Visiobud” clinic, my glaucoma was cured surgically. Everything was successful, painless and without any complications. The specialists have proven themselves to be excellent. Also, treatment was performed according to well-established methods. Thanks for the help. I wish you all good health!

Anastasia, 42 years old