Optics and contact correction

What is better – glasses or lenses? Contact lenses – are they safe? You will get substantiated answers to these and other questions concerning your specific eyesight at the “VIZIOBUD PLUS” clinic.
The “VIZIOBUD PLUS” clinic offers a full range of high level services – the ophthalmologist will perform the examination and necessary diagnostics on the most up-to-date equipment, write out a prescription for glasses and / or contact lenses and give the necessary recommendations. The consultant will competently choose the frame for you, and you will be able to enjoy high-quality eyesight and beautiful appearance. The glasses are made at the clinic – you do not have to wait long for your order. Also you can contact our clinic to repair your glasses, if necessary.
We offer a wide range of soft contact lenses from world famous manufacturers (ALCON, BAUSCH + LOMB, etc.), as well as products for their tending.
You will receive the necessary instructions on how to properly wear and remove lenses, what are the contraindications to wearing lenses, how to take care of them, how various lenses differ among themselves.
Not sure if you can use contact lenses? We offer trial lenses.
Attention! Novelty!
Electronic Vidi smart glasses for children’s Amblyopia treatment are a new, unique product. These glasses with liquid-crystalline lenses (the set includes an additional frame for prescription lenses that connects to the glasses from the inside) combine progressive technologies and unique adaptation easiness which will greatly facilitate the child recovery. The principle of operation of the ViDi electronic smart glasses is based on closure of the healthy eye at intervals to promote the development of the “lazy” one. Thanks to systematic blackout, the child quickly gets used to his “gadget”, which, without causing moral discomfort (unlike fixing the eyes with a sticker), confidently engages in treatment of amblyopia. Clever glasses are in two colors – blue and pink. More information on the site: //