Eye surgery

With our eyes we perceive more than 80% of the information, so everyone needs to take care of his eyesight and take care of its condition. In some cases – for rapid and effective improvement of the vision function – surgical intervention is required. All operations should be done only by experienced specialists, even in the easiest cases, since a slightest oversight can result in a most terrible event – loss of the eyesight.

Removal of cysts. Treatment of the lacrimal canal

Quite often, minor operations are performed on the appendages of the eye, since exactly they are most frequently exposed to negative factors. These can be diseases of the soft tissues: skin or cartilage of the eyelid, the lacrimal canals (ductules) – such as distention cystor chalazion. The eyeball and its structures, such as conjunctiva, retina, may also suffer. Most frequently the organs of eyesight are damaged in childhood and in middle age, as well as in case of people with mental illness.

Possible causes of eye damages and diseases are:
• injuries due to impact, damages caused by household objects;
• damaging of the conjunctiva by foreign bodies;
• occupational injuries in case of non-observance of the safety rules;
• iatrogenic causes.

Signs indicating eye damaging are:
• bleeding in case of tissue damage;
• increased secretion of fluid in the lacrimal passages (lacrimation);
• unpleasant sensations, pronounced soreness;
• impossibility to open the eye;
• swelling of the eyelid (as in case of chalazion);
• sensation of presence of a foreign body.

Most often, the following minor surgical operations on the appendages of the eye are performed:
• Chalazion removal;
• Distention cysts removal;
• Whiteheads removal;
• application and removal of stitches on the eyelid.

Operations on the eyes and appendages

At the “VIZIOBUD +” ophthalmologic center, consultation of experienced specialists, surgical treatment, up-to-date equipment and necessary technologies for successful minor operations on the appendages of the eye are at your disposal.
At the first signs of an eye damage, suspicion of a cyst or chalazion, immediately seek the advice of an ophthalmologist. Then only timely treatment will allow you to get a quick and effective result, and also protect you from negative complications – infection, formation of gross scars and loss of the eyesight.
The cost includes treatment and medication as well as consultation.

Preparing for the operation
  • Clinical blood test
  • General urine analysis (period of validity of the analysis is 1 month)
  • Blood sugar test (period of validity of the analysis is 1 month)
  • Blood RW, HBs Ag test (the duration of the analysis is 3 months)
  • ECG with decoding (period of validity is 1 month)
  • Chest organs fluorography conclusion (for the last 12 months)
  • Therapist’s conclusion
  • At our clinic, the operation is performed using the most efficient and up-to-date method
  • The operation is performed on an outpatient basis under local drip anesthesia
  • After the operation, you will be under surveillance carried out by the staff during 1 hour
  • After the operation, a sticker bandage is applied to the eye which should not be removed until the next morning
After the operation (during 15 days)
  • Visiting a sauna with a steam room, a swimming pool, swimming in ponds
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Excessive physical activity, sharp movements, jumps and falls, work in an inclined position
  • Performing heavy work, raising more than 5 kg
  • Staying in dusty rooms