Conservative treatment of eye diseases

One of the lines of activity of our medical center is treatment of inflammatory, infectious and dystrophic diseases of the eye (opacity or erosion of the cornea, retina, neuritis or atrophy of the optic nerve in case of vascular diseases of the eyes) – both for children and adults. Becoming our patient, you get a full course of treatment, and in most cases conservative method is prescribed and suffices.
In the conservative method, the following applies:
• local treatment of the disease: eye drops, ointments, eyelid massage, sometimes injections into tissues surrounding the eyeball;
• General therapeutic treatment of the disease: tablets, intramuscular and intravenous injections, etc.

Treatment of cornea, retina, optic nerve diseases

Traditional methods of treatment aimed at improving blood supply, metabolism, restoration of conductivity of optic nerve fibers. Yet it is not always possible to achieve the desired results with the help of only one of these methods. Today, the medicine has reached a new level and new up-to-date methods for restoring the function of vision in case of patients with retinal and optic nerve pathologies have appeared in its arsenal. Various physiotherapy hardware facilities are applied as well as visual stimulation including electro stimulation, magnetostimulation, laser stimulation.
Impulse currents exciting the nerve and muscle fibers are actively used for visual stimulation, and also they activate blood circulation and normalize metabolic processes. It is proved that it`s more effective to combine the electrostimulation method with a magnetic one. The mentioned up-to-date treatment technologies make it possible to speed up the recovery and reduce the rehabilitation period, especially after surgical interventions such as transplantation of the cornea and lens replacement.

Before starting the treatment of inflammatory, dystrophic or infectious diseases of the eye, the ophthalmologist at the Visiobud Clinic performs a diagnosis to gain all the information about the state of the eyeball and the possible effect of common associated illnesses on the visual function.

Diagnosis and treatment of eye dystrophy, infection, inflammation

The course of treatment is planned by an ophthalmologist taking into account the recommendations of other specialists, such as:
• the endocrinologist
• the cardiologist
• the therapist
• the neurologist
• the allergist
• the immunologist
Involvement of such a wide range of specialists in the diagnostic examination allows not only to detect eye diseases but also to perform a comprehensive diagnosis of the disorders of other organs and body systems.

Today, at the “Visiobud +” ophthalmologic center various infectious, dystrophic, inflammatory eye diseases are treated.

Conservative treatment of inflammatory and dystrophic eye diseases is done at a day hospital under the supervision of the attending physician, and after the completion of all procedures the treatment is continued at home. Mostly, the procedures prescribed for the patient to be done at home can be carried out independently without the assistance of specialists.
The cost includes treatment and medication, consultation.