We would like to express our infinite gratitude to Volodymyr Alexeyevich, a born doctor and, most importantly, a very decent, compassionate, kind and skillful person. It would be excellent to have more such great specialists helping people everywhere.
Volodymyr Alekseevich, I wish you health, success and all the BEST !!!

Thank you, Olya

Many thanks for your professionalism, consideration and attention. To all the staff of the “Visiobud-plus” clinic and to the doctor with golden hands – Melnik V. O.
I wish peace, good, prosperity to the clinic and to its employees. God bless you.

Chervonenko Gennady, Cataract

I would like to express my gratitude to doctor Ruslan Anatoliyovych Kapelka who treats the patients professionally and with great respect, always gives a timely advise, provides all the help required, finds the necessary words for calming and heartening people.

Panin O. M.

Many thanks to Volodymyr Alexeyevich! Yesterday, I almost saw nothing, and today – a miracle. Thanks to Nina Borisovna, the treating physician, for her delicate and skillful hands and for professionalism. I am grateful to all the staff members for correct and compassionate attitude towards the patients. You are happy people, God granted you the gift of returning sight to people.

Kubrak L. S.
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