WHO and WHY needs complex computer diagnostic “FULL EYE”



WHO and WHY needs complex computer diagnostic “FULL EYE”? You are over 35 years old and you see deterioration of vision near or into the distance, feel tiredness or discomfort in the eyes (lacrimation, feeling of dryness or foreign body), dizziness, headaches and a sense of temporary loss of vision;

– your relatives refullary visit doctor because of cataracts, glaucoma, age-related macular dystrophy, and also have diabetes or other endocrine disorders;

– You want to get a comprehensive assessment of your vision from the best specialists in Ukraine using cutting-edge equipment.

“FULL EYE” examination at “Visiobud Plus” clinic that’s what you need

We are team of professionals who continuously improve their practical and science skills in Europe and other continents

We use cutting-edge diagnostic equipment:
– apparatuses of the company Tomey (Japan),
– Carl Zeiss (Germany),
– ICP O.S.A. (SBM Sistemi, Italy),
– IC 100 ICARE (Finland).

The accuracy of computer equipment at “Viziobud-Plus” clinics allows specialists to diagnose all the structures of the eye and identify pathology at the earliest stage!
Patient receives diagnostic data with the interpretation immediately after diagnostic. So one in fure is able to measure condition of the eyes in dynamics

ATTENTION: Only this winter FREE opthamologist consultation after “FULL EYE” diagnostic

The duration of the “FULL EYE” examination is 2 hours with the involvement of 8 diagnostic devices from world leaders in ophthalmology.

For the convenience of our patients and minimal waiting time, a comprehensive examination of the “FULL EYE” is held on Sunday by prior appointment by phone numbers:
Viziobud Plus – we build your eyesight and we do it with high quality!

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