Information Society disease – Dry Eye Syndrome.

The latest diagnostic methods are available at the “Viziobud Plus” clinic

In the era of high technology, we are surrounded by monitors: computers, tablets, laptops, mobile phones and other gadgets. Together with the benefits of civilization, they cause harm to our health – they cause dry eye syndrome. And the number of people with such a disease is steadily growing.

When we concentrate on something, we do not blink – this feature came to us from our ancestors, for whom it was important, for example, for hunting. Modern residents of megacities, usually, “hunt” for a long time on information on the screens of monitors, imperceptibly ceasing to blink or blink, but not completely. Abuse of gadgets, air-conditioned air, tobacco smoke and constant smog provoke dry eye syndrome.

Taking care of the health of our patients, the administration of our ophthalmologic clinic was one of the first to acquire the latest SBM System ICP tear film screening device, which allows us to provide a large-scale picture of progressive dry keratoconjunctivitis and, based on survey data, select the right treatment strategy.

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