Comprehensive computer diagnostics of your vision


Comprehensive computer diagnostics of your eyesight using unique for Kyiv cutting-edge equipment from the leading leaders of ophthalmology: Tomey (Japan), Carl Zeiss (Germany), ICP O.S.A. (SBM Sistemi, Italy), ІС 100 ICARE (Finland)

The device OCT CASIA-2 Tomey for the diagnosis of the anterior segment of the eye is the only one in Ukraine and has no analogues.
During the winter holidays (01.12 – 28.02) doctor-ophthalmologist consultation with recommendations – FREE!

The complex diagnosis includes::
  • The complex diagnosis includes:;
  • contactless pneumometry;
  • Autorefkeratometry;
  • keratotopography;
  • optical biometrics;
  • ultrasound procedure;
  • computer perimetry;
  • optical coherence tomography of the cornea, anterior chamber angle and lens;
  • optical coherence tomography of the retina and optic nerve;
  • computer diagnostics of the tear film and eyelid condition;
  • research of eyelashes on demodex;
  • photographic recording of fundus with measurement of vascular diameter.
Diagnostics price of one eye – 3000 UAH;
Diagnostics price of two eyes – 5600 UAH.
For your convenience, the diagnosis is carried out on Sundays by appointment. The examination duration is up to 2 hours.
For more information, please call:
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