Taming the TCS Amsterdam Marathon Route


On October 20th, 2018, one of the most popular marathons in Europe, which has been held since 1975, was held in Amsterdam (Netherlands). The official name is TCS Amsterdam Marathon, Mizuno Amsterdam half marathon. This is the second marathon after the Rotterdam in the Netherlands by value and level, as well as the fourth “speed” in the world. According to the IAAF Road Races Evaluation System, the marathon is assigned the status of IAAF Gold Label.

Thousands of people of different nationalities, professionals and amateurs from around the world, took part in this special competition.

The Amsterdam Marathon is famous for its beautiful and fast route. Start and finish are at the historic Olympic Stadium (Olympic Stadium), which every year leaves an unforgettable impression of the crowded stands from the active support of fans. The marathon route passes through the center of Amsterdam, past the numerous attractions of the city, each of which is worthy of a separate visit. The route is laid along the Amstel River, the State Art Museum (Rijksmuseum), the Tropics Museum and Vondel Park (the largest public park in Amsterdam). All action leaves an unforgettable impression.

The Chief Doctor of the Viziobud + Clinic – Melnik Vladimir became a part of this unique event. This is such an impressive moment when your dream of running a marathon in Amsterdam becomes true! When support of loved ones becomes a reliance to move forward and achieve new goals. “Any of the achievements starts from the desire. No desire, not hope, but a strictly pulsating desire, surpassing everything else! ”!




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