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The issue of children’s vision, one of the most important in the scope of child care. The danger is that in children the visual impairment develops gradually. The kid often cannot understand for himself whether he has problems. Only sensitive attitude of parents and regular examinations by an ophthalmologist help prevent late diagnosis of ophthalmologic diseases and their irreversible consequences!

Care of your vision should be taught to the child since childhood.

How often should I visit a pediatric ophthalmologist?

Scheduled consultations in the first year of life are held at the age of 1, 3 and 6 months
At the age of 1 year examination with a wide pupil is required
After a year, if there are no additional medical recommendations, it is recommended that children check their eyesight every half year.

But there are cases when you need to contact an ophthalmologist immediately.
If you notice that child:
visual acuity decreased
Tearing or discharge from the eyes
Inflammation, redness, swelling in the eye area
Cutting, itching, or dry eyes
Various eye injuries
Signs of strabismus
Complaints about blurring and bifurcation of objects
Lack of coordination

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