Chocolate improves vision


Chocolate improves vision!

Great news for all chocolate lovers . According to a research conducted in June of this year (by a doctor from the USA – JS Cobain), it was proved that the flavonoids contained in chocolate significantly improve blood circulation. This ensures active blood flow to the eye and improves visual acuity.

A random blind study that compared the effects of chocolate (both dark and dairy) on visual acuity and contrast when reading large and small letters was organized in The Rosenberg School of Optometry (USA, Texas, San Antonio) The 30 study participants were selected in a completely random manner. Among the 30 participants (9 men and 21 women, average age 26 years), the contrast sensitivity when reading small print was significantly higher after consuming dark chocolate (average value [SE], 1.45 [0.04] logCS) against milk chocolate ( mean [SE], 1.30 [0.05] logCS, medium improvement, 0.15 logCS [95% CI, 0.08-0.22 logCS], P <0.001). Contrast sensitivity when tested with large print was slightly higher after consuming dark chocolate (average [SE], 2.05 [0.02] logCS) against milk chocolate (average [SE], 2.00 [0.02] logCS , medium improvement, 0.05 logCS [95% CI, 0.00-0.10 logCS]; P = .07).

It is worth noting that the effect on improving vision lasts only 2 hours. But this is a good reason to treat yourself to a couple more slices of delicious chocolate!

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