Melnyk Volodymyr – highest category ophthalmologist


Melnyk Volodymyr
Highest category doctor ophthalmologist, ophthalmic surgeon, doctor of medical science
Founder and Head doctor at “Visiobud-plus”

Melnyk Volodymyr

Author of unique cataract treatment
– Over 1000 treatments each year
– Multifocal intraocular lenses implantation for vision correction into the distance and near;
– Torical intraocular IOL implantation for astigmatism correction;
– Over 500 combined treatments (surgery treatment of cataract and glaucoma) each year.

Made over 20 000 ophthalmologic surgeries in cataract and refract eye surgery, as well as glaucoma surgery applying most advanced technologies. He is the author of a unique technique of glaucoma surgery with 6 years of experience.

You can make an appointment at official clinic page and by phone:
(044) 2498888.
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