Ophthalmological clinic “Visiobud-Plus” now has in the arsenal of its own equipment the latest development from the Japanese company TOMEY – a computer tomography scanner – an anterior segment of the eye scanner CASIA 2.
It the first diagnostic platform in Ukraine that has no analogues!! Optical tomography of anterior segment is most modern contactless, non-invasive, three-dimensional system of visualization wich allow to see in maximum detalization:
• Cornea;
• angle of the front chamber;
• the central part of the lens;
• iris.
No special preparation required for examination. Research is held contactless and painless for patient and received results are most accurate and informative.
Spectral tomography of the anterior segment of the eye is used in case:
– diagnostics and monitoring of corneal dystrophy and congenital developmental defects;
– diagnostics and monitoring treatment results of patients with keratoconus;
– cornea transplantation;
– refraction surgery;
– cataract / glaucoma / cornea surgery;
– analysis of angle of the front chamber in case of glaucoma by 360;
– for maximum accurate calculation of intraocular lenses in patients after keratorefractive operations;
– in case of eyes traumas;
Fast easy detection for all analysis of front segment

Best equipment – best results
We build your vision and doing this qualitatively

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